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Lakeside Downtown Kincardine Wins OBIAA Award

Monday April 29th was a pretty awesome day for the little BIA that could! Lakeside Downtown Kincardine, along with the Municiplaity of Kincardine, and Bruce County, won an OBIAA award for how they responded to the vandalism incident that occurred in the downtown on June 6th, 2023.

11 businesses had their windows and doors smashed that morning and that event coming on the heels of the pandemic, during a major downtown reconstruction project, was an emotional and financial burden the businesses couldn't bear on their own. The Municipality and County sprung into action creating a fund that gave each of the businesses $1000 towards the replacement of their windows. While they were doing that, the BIA and it's stakeholder businesses helped with cleanup efforts, secured plywood to board up the storefronts, and arranged an art installation that included murals on the boards as well as a signature area for words of support from the community.

Good things happen when communities come together.

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